The editing queue

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Updated 24th May 2019

Editing timescales are detailed in your contract, but all weddings will be delivered within 12 weeks of your wedding day and lifestyle and engagement sessions within 21-28 days of the shoot day* any delays or updates that affect this will be emailed//text//what’s app’d to you.

Editing Queue-

  • Katy & Alwyn

  • Rachel & George

  • Sarah & Tim

  • Kim & Sam

  • The Other Mums

Slideshows- If you would like to order a slideshow that highlights your day in story format, set to music & you can download and keep and share to social media, please email me for my Winter offer.

Slideshow Queue-

  • Jeni & Ben

  • Gemma & Carly

  • Connie & Adam

Coming up soon shooting- 

  • Annest & Sion

  • Rebecca & Lee

  • Sarah & James

  • Llio & Iwan

  • Vera & Dave

  • Trigo Mini Session