So to kick start this long awaited lifestyle photogrpahy area, I'm going to share the best family shoot ever! {This opinion may or may not be the result of a gift box of chocolates}

Last month I got to spend the afternoon with this glorious family of five- The Rixes!

We spent a fun filled half an hour in the park in Ruthin, North Wales and it was epic.

I honestly felt so tired but so fulfilled and happy after it. Keeping up with three lively kids between the ages of 2 and 8 is no easy feat! Their personalities are so very different- Annie, the eldest is shy, helpful and reserved, Alfred, Milo's little friend is wild and free spirited and Sybil the youngest is like a gorgeous story book character with such a strong sense of self.

I met Karla and Matthew through our sons. {Milo and Alfred are in the same class} 

Despite it being well known that I am quite literally allergic to the school run, Karla persevered and has become a very dear friend to me and certainly brightens up what used to be a gloomy twice daily trip!

Capturing this tribe altogether was a fantastic experience and one of my favourite lifestyle sessions to date, we even slipped two steps to the left and had a 3 minute mini shoot for Karla and her husband- who are fast approaching their 17th anniversary.

The love, the laughter, the expressions and the bond is just so awe inspiring, anyone who knows The Rixes I'm sure will count themselves as lucky as I do. 

I won't bore you anymore- take a look at how much love, laughter and happiness surrounds this beautiful family.

Thanks for having me guys

Tash xx

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