I attended the Hangout workshop in September, hosted by The Crawleys and The Lawsons. The Crawleys are Liam and Bee, they are a fun and creative photography style, with Liam always thinking outside the box. Seeing how he worked with my own eyes was, eye-opening for lack of a better phrase! Laura and Peter are The Lawsons, I found their shooting style to be more similar to mine, focusing on the emotion side. Both these duos are power houses in the industry… which embarrassingly I didn’t know prior to signing up. I signed up because I wanted to learn something different but that didn’t come across too pressured, Hangout sounded like a fun, laid back way of enhancing my current shooting technique and giving an insight into how the duo’s run successful photography businesses as well as keeping the sacred ‘work, life balance’. Once I’d met them in person I was an instant admirer of their work and creativity. They are both completely different photography approach styles but it gave me so much food for thought, admin tips and ideas for the future. Bettering myself is something I’ve invested in this year for myself and my lovely clients.

This was the second workshop i’ve attended this year (ever) and it didn’t disappoint, I met some friendly and very talented fellow photographers and had a great time staying over in Manchester. The workshop was held in Trof in the Northen Quarter and the food was almost as good as the workshop itself.

I won’t giveaway details but I do highly recommend the workshop for anyone who wants to build on their own foundation of photography, suited for those who have an up and running business and brand identity. You literally hangout and learn from two genuine, open, talented and knowledgeable couples.

I also tried my hand (after I got home) at creating my first Gif’s this was so much fun and definitely something I will incorporate into Love Luella every so often.

Here are some snaps from the day featuring Liam & Bee//The Crawleys Peter & Laura//The Lawsons. (They are great subjects)

Fun Couples Shoot GIF
Northern Quarter Couple Shoot GIF


Liam, Bee, Peter, Laura, all the Hangout crew-thanks for a great day

Tash x