Katy and Dochan are one of my favourite couples, I don't favour people but I do fully appreciate people who keep coming back for more- back in April 2016 I shot their stunning pre wedding shoot- see this here.

Just for backstory- Katy and Dochan had their pre wedding shoot at Dochans name sake mountain in Snowdonia (which is not just the mountain he was named after- it also happens to be overlooking where he proposed AND where they would marry 1 year later- can you say perfection?!!)

In April this year I shot their AMAZING wedding which you can also see here! Full of faces I have known from shooting many of their family and friends it was a great day for everyone involved.

So, later on this year we trekked back up to the same mountain- Castell Carn Dochan (Carn Dochan Castle) to shoot their romantic post wedding shoot- I'll be honest; the walk was just as challenging- for me! It was SO cold at the top and the wind was louder than my voice, I did indeed skid down the side of the mountain cracking the screen of one of my babies (cameras) and yes it was worth it and it was ALOT of fun! The views, the fresh air, it's just the best of Wales and so breathtaking. 

Katy and Dochan- they just have a relationship, a bond and way with each other that is electric, with the stunning Snowdonia scenery, back in their beautiful wedding attire, overlooking where they married, where Dochan proposed and where we shot over a year before- well I was in my element and it was full of all the sentimental feels.

Yeah, we can all take pictures, yes we all have a camera on our phone, heck most of us have a "proper camera" these days. But there are times when it's important to hire a professional, to see your world through their eyes, to get your stories shared, capture your bonds, photograph your family and for you to BE IN THEM TOO! 

Photography is my form of artistic expression and each photographer is so very different, booking me means booking my shooting style, my eyes, my editing style; but for me it's also my friendship, my experience, my advice and most importantly my outstanding jokes (!). I can only thank Katy and Dochan for trusting me with this priceless honour and hope that these images give them a ticket back to the amazing memories I was so privileged to share with them.

Here are a few of my favourites

Tash xx