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Meet Tash


Meet Tash

Cheshire Wedding Photograher Love Luella Photography

about love luella


I'm Tash...aka Love Luella.

I'm a deep thinking, day dreaming wedding photographer based in North East Wales, just shy of the Cheshire border. 

I’m raising two little humans and they are genuinely my best friends. We have 3 song dance-off’s, we explore together, we enjoy a good film together and we’re a team.

I have the best job in the world, telling unique stories through my imagery is just amazing.

I care about my couples and it shows in my work. I get to know you and i'm so happy that you let me.

As for me- I eat excessive amounts of chocolate. I like a good gin but on the same hand I like a really cold orange squash! I live in flat shoes and long cardigans (or cape's as my eldest calls them!) I'm absurdly honest, I laugh hard and loud and I dance badly.


  • When I was younger I was known for having a camera on me at ALL times, Camera Tash was my friends nickname for me name back then.

  • I am obsessed with LUSH bath bombs. Just ask everyone on my Insta-stories. #sorrynotsorry.

  • I love driving and singing to loud music.

  • I will be top mates with Ru Paul one day. Latrice Royale and Sasha Velour can also be in our crew.

  • I have a few tattoo's.

  • I voted remain.

  • I have OCD, but in wedding season it could be mistaken for Organised Chaos Darling.

  • I first went abroad in March 2017, I know right. Well now i've got the bug. I’ve since visited Rome, Pisa, Florence, Siena, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Orlando, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Oslo.

  • Boxsets. Netflix is my 3rd love. Game Of Thrones though <3

  • There's so much more, but if I told you, i'd have to decline your wedding photography and that would suck for us both.

It’s better to have a friend with two chins than two faces
— Pointless quote
Owen House Wedding Barn- Love Luella-1.jpg

Wedding Talk

A Useful Wedding Resource For Couples Getting Married

Wedding Talk

A Useful Wedding Resource For Couples Getting Married

Let's Talk weddings

Weddings can be a breeze, you can literally book your ceremony or civil service rock up in whatever outfit you pick with two witnesses and get wed. (As long as you give 28 days notice) However- wedding planning can also be a swirly whirly staircase of surprises, with budget, suppliers, timelines, food, who's looking after the kids? How come Aunt Sue is now calling every single day.... Or even, "Oh my gosh I didn't need THREE toasters!!"

As the age old saying goes- Life is what you make it. Always has been, always will be. This counts for your wedding experience too. Of course, with most great things in life, it can get overwhelming!

After spending the last few years working in the wedding industry I thought I'd make a resource for my couples with my straight talking, honest advice and oh so many opinions!

I am by no means a wedding planner, but I do know I get asked a lot of questions, so with this mini blog, I eventually hope to answer at least some of them :)

T xx

Plas Isaf Wedding

Guests with Cameras, Phones, Tablets, Drones and Fighter Jets...

Yeah I know, I'm annoying. But trust me, this is the knowledge that will set you free!