Privacy policy


Hello and welcome to what I would call- THE MOST BORING BIT OF MY SITE. If you don't agree, you probably don't want me to shoot your wedding, if you don't want that....why not?

Anyway, If you've landed here I will assume you care about your privacy and data and want to know what it is that I get up to with it. To be totally honest- not that much.

The new GDPR legislation means I need to explain a few things, so here we go-

Personal Data

I collect:

  • Your name, because otherwise I'll have to make you a new fake name. I'm pretty sure you'll want me to use yours on your wedding day T'Challa.
  • Your email address, so I can communicate with you about your wedding/shoot/party/event
  • Your number - so I can find you on your wedding day, so you can what's app me in emergency, so you can find me on your wedding day!
  • Your address- so I can post your print products to you, or so I can meet you there for wedding prep. Sometimes both.

All of these are necessary for me to do the job you've hired me to do.

How I collect and keep your personal data

I collect this data on the contact form of my site. My site is password protected with a code that resembles nothing significant in my life. It's not my birthday, it's not my kids birthday's it's a super secure password that I change regularly.

My site is https:// which means it's as secure as it could possibly be.

I input the data into client management software that is GDPR compliant. This is only accessible via my computer which is again pass-coded with roman numerals and my finger print and pass-coded phone. 

Because I'm old school I do also input the basics (name/contact number/wedding date and location) into fancy shmancy notebook/diary that is kept day to day in a key and coded safe which is in a locked room, in my always locked home.

If you book me as your wedding photographer, I will continuously store your information in my database in the client management software for 3 years post wedding or as long as your gallery is live. If you enquire but don’t book me (what?!) I will delete all your personal data 3 months after our last contact. I will text you upon responding to your initial enquiry, simply to let you know you have a response from me- this is my personal fight against the junk folder. Of course if you don't provide a phone number in the initial enquiry- this can't and won't happen!

Please bare in mind that if you get in touch and the time period has lapsed I will have no idea who I am talking to as your information will have been deleted, including your phone number from my phone- so please leave your name!

Blog comments

And Facebook, Instagram and well anywhere actually. My social media pages are public, because I need to market my business in order to stay afloat and support my little family of three. Please keep in mind that any comments you make will be public and include the name you used to comment with. If you add in a map to your hidden treasure- don't be shocked when it's all gone when you get back there.

Right of

  • Confirmation
  • Access
  • Rectification

If you have any questions that I haven't answered about how I store your data then please pop me an email, knowing that if you do email me- I need to reply, so by emailing me you have given me permission to respond! (Doesn't it sound a little silly!)

If any information I have or use is wrong you can of course correct it. I would recommend you doing so because the information you provide to me is kinda vital to me turning up to your wedding!

You have the right to ask me to delete your data- name, number, email address, address etc. But if you do so before your wedding I wont know where your wedding is, or be able to get in touch to talk about it, at all. What a conundrum.

If after we've completed your wedding story and you are happy to close your online gallery of images, I will of course delete and wipe your info upon written request.

Use of your data

To summarise this policy that has had every single self employed person banging their heads against a brick wall for months is- I will not do anything untoward or weird with your info. I will 100% email you about your WEDDING if there is something wedding related to say, if there is something great happening that I think you'll want to know, if there is a bespoke print offer just for you....

Nobody else will get your email address from me.

The only data I share are the Wedding Prep address, venues and one of the marrying parties telephone numbers- and that's ONLY to the second shooter (if you even opt for one), they'll never get your email address, nobody will. (From me)

I don't send out lots of newsletters, hell I barely even blog. Christmas 2017 is still on my hard drive, but I will send out an email like at Christmas or New Year.

All my questionnaires that ask you for details about your wedding day, they don't leave my computer or my password protected phone. Most of you want your weddings featured in publications, because it's an exciting and priceless memento, this will all be done with the info you've voluntarily given me. Any extra info I ask you can voluntarily give it to me, or say no. My blogs contain no personal details bar your first names and back story. Email addresses, contact details and the like are never used for this.

Use of your face-based data

This face taking data bit makes no sense, and when I enquired about it, they agreed, but I do know I will ask your permission before you book me, when you book me and maybe even one more time for clarification that I can capture and publish your faces.

It's so important to be able to show my work on Facebook, Instagram, enter competitions etc and my own website, this helps me get more work to look after those gorgeous boys you saw on my about me page. Showing weddings, gets me weddings. I'm pretty sure if you've booked me, it was seeing those other happy couples that spurred you to get in touch. I would really like other people to get in touch too, so I can carry on doing a job I adore. I'll ask you to opt in again to this on my contract. 

I will ask you directly as well as asking you to tick a box on my contract that you will let your guests know I will use images for my marketing of this one person band that is Love Luella.

I store photos of your happy, beautiful faces on password encrypted hard drives in my house, in a safe, that is behind a locked door. I also store your edited images in your private galleries with a GDPR compliant provider, that you access to download your memories. 

SO there it is, I'm GDPR compliant.

I will take your photos, I will take your info, I will not sell it, I am not a dick.

Love & Gin

Tash xx