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Love Luella


Love Luella

North Wales Wedding Photography at Plas Isaf

You're booked!

I'm absolutely delighted that you've booked me to be your wedding photographer, I value every wedding story that I am priveleged enough to capture and every couple that connects with my photography.

Chances are if I replied with my brochure right away, I loved the sound of you two and your wedding. So without any doubt when you booked I did a little happy dance...

Something like this


Cheshire Festival Wedding Photographer

What now?

For me this is the middle bit, I carry on with running Love Luella, raising two crazy children and attempting to maintain just one hobby & drink more water in-between (aka life). Most couples book me at least 12 months in advance some 24, some 6. So naturally there's a pause in communication. You'll be busy wedding planning, with 1000 things to do before the big day. You won't hear from me directly until the 10 weeks before your wedding....BUT

i'm just an e-mail away

If you need advice, tips, my opinion or even a sounding board, I'm here. There's not much I haven't seen or heard over the last 5 years of weddings! I am officially 'unflappable' and will be the voice of impartial reason when you need me. I'm usually pretty good at letting my couples know when i'm away and I might not reply within minutes, but as soon as I can, I will!

There are lots of ways to keep an eye on what i'm up to should you wish to, I regularly (sometimes) post on;

**You can add me as a friend on Facebook- but be warned it's my personal page, not my business. Think food, food, sharing things I personally disagree or agree with, gifs, Netflix status', non stop posts about my kids- enter at your own risk.**

{I'm Tash Louise Jones by the way}

if you booked a Pre wedding adventure session

If you've booked a package with a pre wedding adventure session please get in touch to book this in at least 14 weeks before your wedding date. It's harder to pin me down in peak season April-October & December so please bare that in mind. I won't book one the day before or after a wedding or on bank holidays. Pre wedding shoots are held Sunday-Thursday unless otherwise specified in our communication. Around 2 weeks before your session (after you have booked it in) you'll get a nifty little reminder from me and a little bit of info on what to expect. 

If you haven't booked a pre-wedding session then relax and enjoy the planning! You'll know from your contract that the full balance owed is due 6 weeks prior to your wedding date - you can expect a reminder email from me around 7 days before it's due, but I appreciate paying my bills on time too ;)

6-10 weeks before your wedding I will send a link to your pre wedding questionnaire so I can create your all important wedding timeline. Of course, every day is unique but i've managed to chalk up quite a few of them in my time and have since realised it answers most of the questions i've been asked! Timelines run to a fairly regular formula so you’re in safe hands.

I will create the timeline with the questionnaire answers and email you this at least 14 days before your wedding day- this way you can share it with any suppliers & family and friends who'd like to see.

I don't believe in stressing- I will joke to my last breath before I stress! So everything I recommend is from extensive experience and more importantly to

minimise kinks and maximise fun

who doesn't want fun?!

Answer- Nobody. We all want fun- even Beyoncé

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How can I help?

It doesn't take much to keep me happy! Little things like keeping me in the loop, if there are surprises in store let me know, if you don't know (because it's a surprise duhhh) let your designated wedding helper know who your photographer is so they can give me a little nudge about whats to come.

Ask your guests to be mindful of your memories, they are there to witness and celebrate your happy day, they are so much more important than I am and should be present in the moment- i'm there to relay the day to you in imagery. It's tough to do that effectively when i'm surrounded by 21 tablets and 64 phones. I know how exciting weddings are, heck- I love them it's my life! But I really want you to get the best from me, pictures should be kept to a bare minimum in the ceremony and of course when I photograph you two, it'll be just us. (With the exception of one video person should you have one, if you are booking one, let me know - it’s great working alongside people who work as a team)

I can only do what I can, to get the best from me on your day helping your guests to understand that you are investing in your memories is a good idea. I highly recommend no photos at all walking up and down the aisle - your wedding officiant should be able to announce this pre ceremony.

There I am in the red scarf attempting to work whilst being leaned on from every angle, I only spoke up when I realised my head was being used as a tripod!

There I am in the red scarf attempting to work whilst being leaned on from every angle, I only spoke up when I realised my head was being used as a tripod!



Shout from the roof tops about me! (Not literally, well you can but, I didn't mention it okay)

Let your family know who YOU booked, who you chose to shoot your important day. Let them know I photograph naturally and that there isn't any stiff posing or bossing. Tell them i'm friendly, respond well to a coke (NOT DIET), I love a dance off and I want to capture them in all their glory, emotions and all! None of this "CHHEEEEEEESE" business! If I see the Chandler Bing smile I'll snap it but i'd rather they were real haha!

Whilst I pride myself on melting even the coldest of ice queen's, giving people a heads up of what style of FUNTOGRAPHER you have booked will help them to relax and everyone likes a little preparation. I capture emotion, all forms. The couple shoot can get intimate and yes it’s sometimes up close because I want you to feel what I'm seeing. LOVE. Plus, don’t you want the picture style you booked me for in the first place? OBVS!

Otherwise… Apart from family formals and your bridal party I'm purely documentary. I capture anything and everything. Eating a snack? Yes. Fallen over, if you’re okay - yes. Yeah i'll take that photo of Aunt Ethel eating a sneaky kebab delivery or your cousin Rick trying to access Sky Sports during the speeches.

>> True stories <<

Shropshire Wedding Photographer Mytton and Mermaid-1.jpg

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On the day

An idea of time

On the day it goes by in the blink of an eye, I always find myself reminding people to soak it all up as I often receive a message regarding the 'wedding blues' it's such a big build up and all that hard work comes together. Enjoy it, savour it and i'll capture it.

Don't worry, I go into more detail in your email a few weeks before. Most of you will be reading this with a year to go, so there's really no point in overloading your plans and mind!

I usually start capturing 2 hours pre ceremony, it's so important to the story and I end a couple of dances after first dance. I take a break for a drink, when I need one, same for the other essentials. I stop for my real meal when you do and I always appreciate a hot meal. I work so much better than on a sandwich!

Family formals are kept to a minimum, faces ache, people get bored, go missing and you get tired. I keep it to the essentials as I realise some older family love the tradition. We will usually capture nothing scheduled other than:

  • The bridal party

  • The couple + parents x2

  • The couple + grandparents x2

  • The couple + parents + siblings x2

  • Confetti with everyone involved

  • You two! What the whole day is about!

Everything else is natural, in the moment and honest. If you have a first dance then i'll be there if your package covers it & I want everyone on the dance floor after! I love natural laughter, snorting and everything else that comes with true happiness in a moment!

Tower Hill Barns Wedding Photography

After your wedding

After your wedding day

While you head off on your honey moon or enjoy the post wedding congratulations, i'll be busy backing up your images and posting a sneak peek to my blog within 7-10 days, if it's super busy and you don't get a message to say they are on the blog don't fret, I don’t post everything and if I don’t Instagram/Facebook or post it somewhere and tag you you’ll have a whats app peek. This all comes down to time, places and venues I haven’t utilised and many other aspects.

I take great care in post processing my images, I don't outsource anything and edit everything myself in a consistent way, each wedding looks slightly different, that's because they are. Different venues, colours, light, weather, all of it will reflect differently in imagery, but my shooting style and editing style will always be mine.

Let's just clear this one thing up-

I don't photoshop.

I mean this, I don't do it. I don't promote it and it's not a factor in Love Luella ever. (None of my images have been Photoshopped)

ever, ever!

Spilled drinks, triple chins, trips, falls, split pants, drunken antics, duck face. All of it- I'll capture it all and present it- because it happened, we are human, life is real and beautiful, raw and short.  I'll get the good & the bad. It's a real wedding, so you'll get an honest representation of your wedding day.

Trust me, you'll look back on those images that don't look "magazine pretty" and they'll be the ones you laugh at until you cry! They'll definitely be the ones I use and make my heart totally happy. I shoot real people.

uk weather warning

We live in the UK. It rains, a lot! If it rains- embrace it. The dress is going to get filthy on the dance floor anyway! Do you know how romantic a couple in the rain looks? A couple in wedding attire in the rain??? It's the stuff of film dreams! Natural outdoor light is always going to be better than indoors, so if for nothing else, join me out in the rain for your couple session <3 Pretty please, you'll thank me later. RAIN WON’T HURT.


Within 12 weeks you'll receive an email from me with your download pin, login details and link to your private online gallery. You can share this login with as many people as you like, it's up to you, as long as they have the password they'll get access for a year after your wedding too.

The gallery is attached to a professional print lab, so while you can download and print as many as you like, you have the option to order them direct from there, they are great quality and that's why I chose them.

You'll receive some sort of print gift from me in the wait for your wedding images, this will give you a better idea of what the products are like.

I usually blog the odd wedding (more than a sneak peek) but to be honest, I have blogged maybe 3 times in the last year? I'd rather spend my time on making my clients happy than blogging and sometimes I run out of time. You'll know if I blog yours though because i’ll text you somewhere to let you know!

On occasion wedding publications might see my images and previews and ask to publish your wedding- this is a mega huge exciting honour but I can't guarantee it. What they want is ever changing and every blog is different, but again, if it happens you'll be the first to know that news!

heads exploding tash

That's my queue to wrap it up, you know my name, you know my number and you can practically follow me everywhere! I am so excited to be on this journey with you, I can't ever express how much it means to me but it's a lot and I really did do that sort of dance!

Enjoy the ride,

T xx

Love Luella capturing people being awesome at life since 2013