It's the final countdown

do do doo, do do do do dooo, do do do doooo do.

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It's ALMOST time! By now your plans should be in place and good to go or nearly there. If they aren't and you need a little advice or catch up then pop me an email and we can sort a chat :)

This questionnaire will help me to create a timeline for the day and build a great picture of what's to come. It also helps me to blog about your wedding day after it, without bothering your wedding bliss bubble.

Once this is received I will e-mail you your timeline and summary at LEAST 14 days prior to the wedding date providing i've had this back!

If we have a call or Skype scheduled, great! If we don't and we haven't spoken at all, that's fine- but communication is the key to so much! Schedule one with me or at least a call. Try and get this back to me beforehand and I will briefly discuss it then too. 

So, grab yourself some;

  • Gin
  • Vodka
  • Prosecco
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Snacks

Because this shit is about to get real.

(mines a Gin and sugar free lemonade or lime soda with ice and a slice please and I'll take some flaming hot monster much- I take ZERO responsibility if you decide to take all the options!)
If the form acts up put 00 in the second box
Name *
Partners full name
Partners full name
Prep Address (if different from home address)
Prep Address (if different from home address)
Make Up/Hair suppliers arrival
Make Up/Hair suppliers arrival
Ceremony Start *
Ceremony Start
Speeches Start *
Speeches Start
No wedding day will run to the minute, however this allows me to plan ahead.
Sit down meal or Buffet Start *
Sit down meal or Buffet Start
First Dance Time -if applicable
First Dance Time -if applicable
Are you supplying a meal to Love Luella Photography *
If you've opted for a second shooter they are included in this too :)
Scripted Shots
So you know me, I capture all the little moments, the laughter, the crying, the hugs- naturally I do however recommend ticking the boxes below, parents and grandparents are pretty important! You can add a couple more if you feel you need to but please remember to allocate one of your bridal party to gather them. Please keep the total additions to no more than four- I'll whizz through them as quickly and as efficiently as possible! P.S The maids, the groomsmen and YOU TWO. They are a given, i'll be all over that.
Additional key family shots
Divorces, illness and other things that can come up on the day. Please let me know of any changes needed in the scripted key family shots.
It's always handy to know who I am working with, this will help with the flow of the day and allow me to credit them later on social media. I also ask for details just incase a blog post is written or your wedding is published on a wedding blog and I have all the info handy :) If possible please use business names or names in full AND their business page on Facebook. If it is handmade by family or yourself, great! Just pop it in, or N/A only if it's not in the day. Also please tell me a little bit about the items. Eg I'm having peonies because I love them etc
Are you having an arch? Flowers on the pews? Just bouquets? Fresh? Synthetic? Who's providing them?
Anything you think will make a difference to the day, for example- a surprise event, a break in the event for any reason, a key family member that is only there for the ceremony etc.
Second Photographer
Do you require a second photographer? Second shooters provide many things, back up during the day in case of emergencies, a second viewpoint of the day, simultaneous coverage (while I am shooting you they could be shooting your spouse in the morning and ceremony build up) more scope for final imagery. *Second shooters are a standard service offered in all Love Luella Packages as part of the A La Carte menu and do not impair or affect Love Luella Photography. Love Luella Photography is and is always the PRIMARY shooter of the day. Second shooters are professional wedding photographers. Second shooters are not legally contracted in any way to the clients. On rare occasion a second shooter will be provided by Love Luella Photography if a trainee/up and coming photographer is available and willing. This usually applies to half day bookings. There is no option for this as it is usually arranged 7 days prior to the day.
Your wedding date
Your wedding date
Why did you pick it and tell me about that experience :) You can add the shoes in if you like.
How did you pick your bridesmaid dresses and where did you get them?
Think of this as pre-wedding feedback. How did you find Love Luella, how has your experience been so far and what do you like about it?
Camping in Llandudno or all inclusive to Bali. Your honeymoon, your way. Tell me your plans
Has a supplier given you amazing service? Someone just gets you? Let me know so I can add it in :)
Tell me a story, or tell me to go away, it's your box ;)
1 or 2 of your bridal party. Someone to round up the crowds//family//get everyone in for food!