I am the number 1 cheerleader and the first to shout, "take photos", "always carry a camera", "memories are priceless" and all the other mantras of sentimental people like me. However, after a few years in the wedding industry I do have some softly spoken, indirect, dancing around the garden thoughts about things... 

Not really- If you are my client or my friend or even my family- you already know that I don't dance around the garden, not in a conversational way. I've always been straight to the point and a no frills kind of person! So I've decided to touch on subjects that I often get asked about and some subjects I just have an opinion about! I would like to let you know that this blog isn't speaking on behalf of anyone, or representing any photography crew- these are my thoughts, unless there is a direct section or guest extract from another lovely supplier who has actively sought to add to my content.

Oh, and it's all wedding related, for now

So- Phones and cameras etc at weddings....I've gone in hard. Aim high and all that, I just basically wanted to get the most controversial one out first!

I know the story. You're excited your;

  • best friend
  • niece
  • nephew
  • auntie
  • brother
  • Mam
  • Dad
  • Distant cousin
  • Someone!

Is getting married!!

How amazing will it be to get it all on camera, wouldn't it be cool to give them your wedding photography, maybe even a photo-book and a disk, you could even get them on Facebook the same day!!! Because, let's face it- Professional Wedding Photographers are slow (we will touch on that in another blog don't worry).

Everyone will like my pictures and that will be great.

Right..... so it's actually a nice idea, it comes from a good place of great intentions- so it will be great, for you.

But, and lets be serious here for a sec... it may not be so great when the professional that your family or friend has invested in is delivering images that look like a technology ad. Or worse, they are unable to capture some parts of the day.

© Matthew Grainger

© Matthew Grainger

Let's not forget- the couple who hired me/us/them has taken the time out of their busy lives to source me, has connected with me, has planned with me for sometimes months and months could now have batches of disrupted images.

Backs, shoulders and heads and legs in the way of a perfect story telling moment, iPads or smartphones poking out in front of key times or even worse, a total miss of the shot because in that moment you decided your capture was more important than my job to capture.

I genuinely understand, I promise I do. I was that person, I am obsessed with photography (you may have guessed), I was excited and thought I was giving the best gift ever- but only once I got on the other side did I realise the impact I could be having on the people I love. The impact on their much anticipated wedding photography.

© Anna Beth

© Anna Beth

It's not about ego, or who can out do who- you might even be a professional wedding photographer yourself. That's totally cool and I bet you're amazing.

But, whoever was booked to capture a love story is who should be capturing that love story.

I can bet you a good twenty quid that the couple love the bones of you, that's why you're there! They want to celebrate with you, for you to witness one of the best days of their life. That's an amazing honour. So be there, soak it up, cry with them, laugh, dance and eat all the food!!

I'm not going to raise my voice at you, or compete with you for the groups attention after I've spent a few minutes getting them together. I'm just doing my job. 

I am there to photograph everyone, of course my priority is the couple, but I'll be in and out the crowds, there may be two of us, there's probably a couple of videographers too. We're all trying to be mindful of each other professionally to give the very best result we can to the happy couple at hand. Having to duck and dive between iPads kinda hinders that a bit (other tablets are available)

Examples of me being mindful of a) my second shooter and b) the videographer (honestly I moved straight away in image 2, I was just fixing the dress!)

Despite all this- There are times when all phones, tablets and cameras can and should be out in full swing! People often relax quicker when their friend is snapping the picture- do it! Take them all! Some of my favourite candid photographs happen when I observe the guests having fun and snapping away.

After I've finished some key moments i'll often ask if anyone wants to come and take a picture if there's time, times like,

  • cutting the cake
  • moments after the registry signing
  • family group images
  • and so on

Please do, it's a day of celebration! So take that selfie (I might/DEFINITELY WILL get in it), make that boomerang, photograph those you love, capture your memories, life is short.

All i'm really asking in a long winded picturesque fashion is that you please, pretty please with a mars bar on top- please be mindful of those of us that are only there to capture the day. Especially in the ceremony <3

I care so much about my couples, most of them end up friends. They've invested in me and I in them. I want to blow their minds with their wedding story, so just have a think about it?

We might even be friends too!!

T xx

P.S I know nothing about Drones, only that when we are tucked away on our portrait session and we're just getting comfortable, if it sounds like a thousand bee's are above me, it will look like a thousand bee's were above me. And, ya know- surprises! Wait and see :)

© Lucy Napier

© Lucy Napier


Some of the examples in this blog post were provided by some lovely photographers who's links can be found here: